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Active Buffer.

Dual Active Buffer module.
1 input to 3 output with separat buffer.

Noise generator with 5 different outputs of noise:
White AC no buffer
White DC (the noise is generated by a PWM signal and without a AC filter it is a fast random on/off signal)
White+ AC output with buffer.

Last output is a white noise thru a passive filter and into a VCA/VCF made with a Vactrol.

4 channel of level/inverting control.
A signal from the input is scaled with the level potentiometer,.
At 12 o,clock no output.
Over 12 o'clock positive 0 to 100%.
Under 12 o'clock inverted output 0 to -100%.

With no jack in input a intern reference voltage  5V is added to the potentiometer, giving an output from -5V to +5V

With no jack in the output the signal is mixed with the next input making it possible to scale and offset a signal using 2 channels.

Last a slew rate limiter.

Dual programmable (Tiny85) module with analog and digital logic functions.
2 analog and 1 digital inputs.
1 analog and 1 digital output.
1 potentiometer for mode selection

Possible modes:
   High Out on 1 of 3 In
   High Out on 2 of 3 In
   SUM of Analog In
   DIFFERENCE of Analog In
   In A >> In B
   In A = In B
   In A <> In B
   Delay of CV In
And whatever you can code it for.
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